On the second day of the FIBA Asia Champions Cup, Naft Abadan and Al Riyadi punched their tickets to the semi-finals

BANGKOK (THAILAND) – BANGKOK (THAILAND) – Muharraq snatched the ball at the buzzer. And Hyundai Mobis got their first wins, while al Riyadi and Naft Abadan won at the buzzer. Individual performances by players like Hamed Haddadi and Kevin Murphy were outstanding throughout the day, but Wael Arakji's clutch performance was hard to top.


Fubon Braves 66-68 Naft Abadan 66-68 77-75 Al Riyadi Alvark Tokyo Hitech Bangkok City, Muharraq 97-80 76-93 Southern Tigers of Guangdong The Hyundai Mobis is a vehicle manufactured by Hyundai

Players to Look Out For 

It'll read like a repeat, but Wael Arakji proved unstoppable for Al Riyadi once again, especially in the last seconds of a tight game. Araki's 21 points on 9-17 shooting and a game-winning buzzer-beating shot appear to be the norm for him.  Kevin Murphy scored 37 points for Muharraq, one point shy of the tournament lead, but he did so in 35 minutes of play and 24 shots. It's not a horrible way to celebrate your first Asian Champions Cup victory.  Hamed Haddadi and Ra Guna are both beasts in Asian basketball, but they decided to remind everyone today with their monstrous state lines. Haddadi had 18 points, 18 rebounds, four assists, three steals, and three blocks, while Ra Guna led Guangdong with 27 and 17 rebounds. 

Statistics aren't deceiving. 

On a day when nearly every team struggled from beyond the arc, the Hyundai Mobis rained in 14 threes with 46.7 percent accuracy, leading them to a 93-76 victory. Oh Yong-Jun, a sharpshooter, provided them a major lift off the bench with 21 points, all from outside, including seven triples. Fubon's victory on an opening day was a big part of Sim Bhullar's offensive involvement. Naft Abadan was able to keep the 7-footer from scoring more than 4 points on six shots, which forced coach Hsu Chin-Che to look for other ways to achieve. 


Following today's games, Naft Abadan and Al Riyadi have advanced to the semi-finals. To earn the desired top seed, they must still collect the final match of the group phase.  On the other hand, Hitech Bangkok City and Guangdong Southern Tigers are no longer in contention for the Asia Champions Cup.  The Braves will face Muharraq tomorrow, while Alvark Tokyo will face Hyundai Mobis for the final semi-final position in their respective groups. 

They explained 

Haddadi is undoubtedly Asia's best center. But we didn't give up; we stuck with it throughout the game, and it provided us with another chance to win. " Hsu Chin-Che, Fubon's head coach,  "This is how champions are produced; if you are mentally weak, you will not be able to play this game; you must be mentally powerful on both ends." On Al Riyadi's mental tenacity, Abd El Nour, Jean "I know that was a lucky shot for them, but we came back with a better shot." On Arakji's game-winning goal, Jean Abd El Nour It's simple. The winner advances to the next round [of the game]. Tomorrow's game will be tense, and it will be a dogfight. The winner advances to the next round, so it's just them and us now. This is why you participate in games. It's challenging to play three games in three days, but they did the same thing, so there's no excuse. " -Mike Harris on Muharraq's upcoming match.
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